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Sleeping on beehives in Ancestral Estates is a natural way of recovering of the organism, showing amazing results

What is the Apihouse?

What is a apicabin

Our prices and bees do not bite :)

The house is designed for simultaneous stay of 2 people





For 1 day


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For 3 days

Saving 800 RUB.


Get well!




For 7 days

Saving 2200 rub.


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For 10 days

Saving 3550 RUB.!


Relax with friends or the whole family - book two apicabins at a discount!

When you book 2 apicabincabins - 10% discount.
And the whole complex Apihouse is at the disposal of your company or your family!

Calendar (available days):

In the apihouse there are 2 apicabins at the moment

If 2 lanes are visible, both cabins are occupied.
If 1 lane is visible- one cabin is free.

Arrival at 10:00.
Departure at 9:00.

The complex Apihousehouse welcomes guests only during the warm time of the year. This season we are waiting for you from April 28 to October 31.

Pick up the days and book!


Only 625 RUB. per person per day!

Only 625 RUB. per person per day!

And when booking 10 days - only 447.5 rubles per person per day.

If your plans will change - don't worry! You can reschedule the date of arrival and departure (by selecting other available days), or send a request for a refund. And we will refund the full amount you paid - no questions asked.

How to get to the Apihouse?

Our address:

Krasnodarskiy Kray, Severnyy rayon, stanica Grigorevskaya, settlement of Ancestral Estates „Skazochyy Kray“, glade "Обережная".


Tel.: 8 918 428-06-37 (Pavel),
8 918 246-95-11 (Anna);
e-mail: apiterem@yandex.ru


Taxi train station (Krasnodar) - Apihouse - 800 RUB.
Taxi Airport (Krasnodar) - Apihouse - 1400 RUB.

How to get there by yourself:

You can take the bus to the village of Grigorievskaya (where we will meet you) or directly go to the complex Apitem by car. After booking, we will send a detailed route description and bus schedule.

Our friendly team

About us

Hello! Our team consists of two families, the residents of the glades "Protective" of the settlement "Fairy land" (Kashin and Rudenko). Our estates аrе located in the neighborhood - along the river Shebsh. Apicabins we first decided to build for ourselves. But we werde so often asked by people to come to visit, to rest and recuperate in the forest near the river, that we decided to create on the territory of our estates a small, cozy tourist complex „Apihouse“. Where you with joy are invited to stay with us.

Why stay in Apihouse healing?

The therapeutic effect of sleep on hives is achieved through three main mechanisms:

Micro-vibrations and sound low-frequency oscillations

Micro-vibrations and sound low-frequency oscillations

They come from beehives, which are located under the healing beds. In silence you can even feel a slight vibration and hear a monotone buzz, which have soothing and healing effect.

Medical air from the hives

Medical air from the hives

While you are in the apicabin, you get inhalation with a mixture of bee honey, propolis, flower nectar, which comes from hives with actively working bee families. (The fact is that the nectar collected by bees contains up to 60% of water, and in the production of honey its content is reduced to 20%. This is due to the fact that bees often fan hive with their wings, resulting in evaporating moisture, which contains bee products).

The effect of biofield of bee colonies on people

The effect of biofield of bee colonies on people

The biofield of the bee family, which extends over a distance of about half a meter, has a beneficial effect on humans. It is enough to put someone in that aura for a few hours and the results will affect immediately. The healing beds in the apicabins are located directly on the hives.

The impact of sleep in the apicabins on human body:

Reviews of our first visitors:

Hello everyone! So I got to St. Petersburg)) I was one of the first who visited the „Apicabins“ in "Dreamland". So many things I want to say! Because so many interesting and wonderful things happened in this short period of time!

Initially, I would like to thank all the wonderful people, Pasha and Lena, Sergei and Anya, who so warmly received us all! How much love and care was shown from the beginning to the end of our amazing vacation))) Every little thing is taken into account, and it's not just in some material points (such as different conveniences etc), mostly everything was designed and made in such a way that any person could feel loved and important, so you could take in the atmosphere full of warmth, to merge in harmony with nature, to let go unwanted worries and just relax!)

When I went to „apicabins“ I kind of imagined how it would be, but I could not imagine how blissful it will be furnished. Beautiful nature, comfortable and cozy houses, bees that just lull when you go to bed. And these scents arising from the bed, arranged on the hives! Stunningly!

Every day began with a smile and good mood:)) singing birds, the sun (well, sometimes rain), morning walks to the living and gentle river (p. Shebsh - as far as I remember, translated "a Hundred bees"), walks around the village with amazing beauties! During the stay, we became part of the guest day, we organized a banya (sauna), a trip to the sea, a trip to the dolmens, even a tour with bees arranged))) there was Always something to do and no time to miss!

Experience was the best, emotions ware great! The holiday was a success!

And I am very grateful that I was lucky enough to meet the organizers of such a miracle! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

Angelika Chernokova

Join us!

And tell your friends about your find! :)

Friends, please note:

the territory of our settlement Fairy Land and the territory of the complex Apihouse is free from drinking alcohol, Smoking, non-environmental detergents, garbage, swear speech, loud music. Respect for nature and everything around, vegetarian products (by the way, you can order a three-time vegetarian meal), good speech, cleanliness, smiles and joy are welcome!

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Book the apihouse, charge your health in advance!